Reopening of hostels:

As managers

are preparing for post-pandemic care

Our travelers, more than ever, will demand for establishments that value biosafety standards related to hygiene and cleanliness.

Is that you? how have you prepared your hostel?

Ao informar meus dados, eu concordo com a Política de Privacidade.

Know: all this will pass, be ready for great adventures.

Take the time to organize your property

and get ready to take off!

Revise sua estratégia de mercado

Review your market strategy

Review your rates, promotions and strengthen your partnerships. Be aware of the moment and align your property to leverage your business.


Retomada do turismo no Brasil

Resumption of tourism in Brazil

Discover the guidelines foreseen in the gradual reopening of the tourism segment and see how to go further to win over your traveler.

Comunique de forma criativa e alinhada

Communicate creatively and in line

Keep your customers and obey their actions, send emails, make videos and have an action plan to make your hostel more attractive.

Let's go!


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